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– David Andrew Wiebe
Content Marketing Musician
Feeling Lost In The Shuffle?
The Struggles Of The Modern Musician Are Many...
Chances are you can see yourself in at least one of the following, if not all...
  • Knowing where you fit – knowing your place in the music world
  • Struggling with envy and wanting what other musicians have
  • Everyone telling you what to do – having trouble trusting your own intuition
  • Having too many balls in the air
  • Feeling like the industry is far too saturated
  • Too many artists, too many platforms, too much information, too much EVERYTHING!
  • Too much competition – other musicians vying for the same gigs and performance opportunities
  • Trying to stand out
  • Writing a great song ("it's all about the song!")
  • Getting music into productions – the relationship part is the hardest thing
  • Earning an income and creating a living from your music
  • Marketing your music effectively to generate a steady income
  • Entering contests and not seeing any results
  • Too many people trying to make a buck off musicians
That's Why I Created This Premium Membership...
I'm tired of seeing musicians struggle needlessly when they could be creating the career of their dreams.
A Membership Tailored To Your Desires:
Our membership has been built around your most pressing challenges, concerns, and problems.
  • Discover the freedom to express yourself
  • Build your following
  • Sell more music and get more streams
  • Get more merch into the hands of your fans
  • Everything you need to know about royalties
  • Create a memorable, magnetic brand
  • Make a business out of your music
  • Opportunities in sync licensing and placements
  • The latest opportunities in performance – virtual concerts, festivals, and more
Here's What You Get Inside The Membership:
All the tools you need to make a living in music.
  • The Digital Marketing Essentials for Musicians course
  • The Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass course
  • The Code Breaker course
  • Weekly Members Only Audios featuring a variety of experts
  • The Renegade Musician e-bundle
  • Links to additional Tools & Resources to help you grow your music career
  • Access to our exclusive Shows featuring guests from every corner of the industry
  • Exclusive Members Only Updates so you never miss out on the latest additions
  • FREE membership perk: Optional Newsletters, Books & Merch delivered to your door
  • Plus... new content (transcripts, PDFs, videos, interviews, and more) added every single week!
  • BONUS: 30% off standard packages and 20% off premium packages with Amplify Your Vibe (save thousands of dollars)
  • Members Only Forum where you can get connected to others, learn, and collaborate
Start Your $1 14-Day Trial
Try the membership for just $1 for 14 days. $147 USD monthly after your trial is up.
Learn From The Leading Music Biz Experts & DIY Artists
Just a small sample of amazing guests that have contributed to the membership:
Christopher Sutton
Director of Musical U
Troy Kokol
Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Bree Noble
Female Entrepreneur Musician
Michael Sloane
Streaming Promotions
Malcolm "Bubba" McCarthy
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
John Oszajca
Music Marketing Manifesto
Ariel Hyatt
Cyber PR
Brian Bob Young
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
Start Your $1 14-Day Trial
Try the membership for just $1 for 14 days. $147 USD monthly after your trial is up.