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Members Forum
Connect with other community members. Find collaborators. Share your journey. Ask questions. Get coaching. The Members Forum is the place to be when you need support, guidance, and direction.
Start Here
We want your experience inside the online academy to be awesome! Which is why we've created a convenient Start Here module to steer you in the right direction and help you get up and running superfast.
Digital Marketing Essentials
Discover the core essentials to creating a rock-solid online presence that will help you get your music heard, grow your fan base, and increase your income from music. Updated ongoingly to equip you with cutting-edge tactics.
Entrepreneurial Essentials
The companion course to David's highly praised and essential book, The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship. Every musician is a trailblazer and an entrepreneur, they just have yet to see it. And this course will help you uncover hidden superpowers.
The Code Breaker Course
The companion course to David's best-selling book, The Music Entrepreneur Code. Set goals you'll actually accomplish, create new revenue streams, develop your confidence as a musician, and more. This course fills all the gaps left by others.
The Renegade Musician
The Renegade Musician is all about artist empowerment and inspiration. Discover how powerful you truly are, how much you're capable of, and how to become the best version of yourself, all to help you achieve your music career goals.
Music Licensing School
Want to get your music in TV, films, ads, commercials, video games, and other media? Dive inside Music Licensing School for one of a kind training, expert interviews and inspiration.
Members Only Audios
Exclusive Members Only Audios. Updated weekly with tips, tools, Q&As, inspiration, and interviews with leading music biz experts and DIY artists.
Tools & Resources
The best music career tools and resources curated from across the web to help you grow your fan base and build your music career online and off.
Access the latest episodes of The New Music Industry Podcast and other exclusive Shows right from inside the membership.
Archived Training
Oldies but goodies. Past training resources, like eBooks, audio courses, and video courses that still pack a punch in helping you achieve your version of success in music.
Try the membership for just $1 for 14 days. $147 USD monthly after your trial is up.
Learn From The Leading Music Biz Experts & DIY Artists
A small sample of amazing guests that have contributed to the online academy:
Christopher Sutton
Director of Musical U
Troy Kokol
Bree Noble
Female Entrepreneur Musician
Michael Sloane
Streaming Promotions
Malcolm "Bubba" McCarthy
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
John Oszajca
Music Marketing Manifesto
Ariel Hyatt
Cyber PR
Brian Bob Young
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
Try the membership for just $1 for 14 days. $147 USD monthly after your trial is up.
What Others Are Saying About
the Elite Players: All Access Pass Community
"David's course is completely worth every penny and some! The knowledge in his course is streamlined, friendly and practical miles better than a lot of the other stuff that is out there! With David's plethora of knowledge and experience across the Music, Publishing and Entertainment industries it makes him the best candidate for the job! This program is honestly a game changer and any serious Music Entrepreneur should invest in this program!"
– Wolfgang D. Knox-Hooke
"David and I have a long-running personal and professional relationship that goes back more than a decade as live performers together, studio musicians and independent creative thinkers. The Content Marketing Musician website is one of his best creations to date. It strikes a perfect balance between not having so many subject modules as to be overwhelming, but at the same time exploring each one with the right amount of depth. Musicians across the spectrum ranging from those with no personal marketing experience to experienced pros alike will be sure to benefit. And as improvements and new content are added, it will just get better like a fine wine."
– Brennan Arsenault
"The amount of value David provides with this membership is incredible! He goes into depth with the mentality, strategies, and action steps needed to take place in order for someone looking to become successful in the music industry. The amount of content is vast and abundant!"
– Justin Longo
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Try the membership for just $1 for 14 days. $147 USD monthly after your trial is up.