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From: David Andrew Wiebe
Host of The New Music Industry Podcast

Dear Independent Musician Friend,

If you want to grow you music career, get more fans, and create an income from your art, you've got to be a student of the industry and have the determination to keep growing, hell or high water...

The challenge? There is just so much free and unsupported content out there, most of it is written by technical ghostwriters and freelance writers (not real experts who know what they're talking about or even care about your career) and getting personalized solutions and attention on your projects is near impossible without spending an arm and a leg.

With our new Members Only Audios program, you get instant access to a large body of audio content that will help you remain a student of the business, challenge you to grow, get results in your music career, and help you create the life you love through music.

With the opportunity to ask questions and suggest topics to be covered, you can even get the personalized attention you need. Get your questions answered and get tactics and strategies that are relevant and tailored to you, so you can make real progress in your music career. WITHOUT spending a king's ransom on expensive customized coaching and impersonal online courses.
"This program is honestly a game changer..."
"With David's plethora of knowledge and experience across the Music, Publishing and Entertainment industries it makes him the best candidate for the job! This program is honestly a game changer and any serious Music Entrepreneur should invest in this program!"

– Wolfgang D. Knox-Hooke

Discover The Secrets To Creating The Life You Love Through Music...
David Andrew Wiebe has helped hundreds of artists, creatives, executives, entrepreneurs, and professors find their way in the music business, with business plans, social media marketing, independent radio campaigns, crowdfunding campaigns, setting up websites and fan clubs, generating an income from one's creative efforts, and more.
  • David is a three-time award-winning composer for the short film The Nobody Prayer
  • His music has been featured in CCM Magazine, The Antidote, and elsewhere
  • He's appeared on Break the Business, The Musicality Podcast, Passive Income Musician, The Unstarving Musician, Unconventional Life, Being In A Band, and countless other podcasts, YouTube channels, radio stations, and TV shows
  • He's a five-time self-published author with three best-selling books including The New Music Industry and The Music Entrepreneur Code
  • He's a podcaster of over 11 years on The New Music Industry Podcast, Using Your Power, and others
"...those with no personal marketing experience to experienced pros alike will be sure to benefit."
"Musicians across the spectrum ranging from those with no personal marketing experience to experienced pros alike will be sure to benefit."

– Brennan Arsenault

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Techniques This Program Will Teach You On How To Create Success In Music On Your Own Terms
  • The exact steps you can take to build a hungry, loyal audience that will listen to your music and buy your merch
  • The secret to using social media only the experienced pros know that most amateurs ignore and violate, and because of that, end up frustrated and disappointed with their results
  • A step-by-step process for identifying influencers, experts, and industry you want to connect with, and generating real opportunities and results from your relationships
  • A rapid methodology for discovering what your fans really want from you, so that you don't waste more time, money, and energy creating things nobody will ever listen to or buy
  • Powerful, strategic branding techniques that will help you magnetically attract the right fans to you and your music
  • Music video and video marketing tactics that will instantly help you double, triple, quadruple your results from each video WITHOUT having to create more content
  • Reducing stress and overwhelm in your music career so that you can be more intentional, focus on the right things, and get more done
  • A detailed strategy for growing and maintaining your email list
  • PLUS, the inspiration and clarity, you need to stay motivated, with powerful ideas that will skyrocket your music career results
"The amount of value David provides with this membership is incredible!"
"The amount of value David provides with this membership is incredible! He goes into depth with the mentality, strategies, and action steps needed to take place in order for someone looking to become successful in the music industry."

– Justin Longo

Here's What You Get Inside...
  • New weekly content as it arrives, including DIY expert interviews
  • The ENTIRE archive of Members Only Audios (we create 52 new audios each year)
  • Transcripts for each audio
  • Links to additional tools and resources
  • Exclusive content you won't find anywhere else
  • Ask questions and suggest topic ideas
Learn From The Leading Music Biz Experts & DIY Artists
This is NOT a one-man show... David also invites some of the leading music biz experts and DIY artists to share their own experience inside. And they've been quite generous in imparting powerful knowledge, tips, and insights that will transform your music career.
Troy Kokol
Bree Noble
Female Entrepreneur Musician
Michael Sloane
Streaming Promotions
Malcolm "Bubba" McCarthy
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
John Oszajca
Music Marketing Manifesto
Ariel Hyatt
Cyber PR
Brian Bob Young
Producer, Singer-Songwriter
Justin Longo
MariNation Music
Nick Sadler
Here's Everything You Get Today:
  • New weekly content as it arrives, with expert interviews ($297 value)
  • The ENTIRE archive of Members Only Audios ($497 value)
  • Transcripts for each audio ($97 value)
  • Links to additional tools and resources ($97 value)
  • Ask questions and suggest topic ideas ($497 value)
Total Value: $1,485
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