Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook
This premium book is for every independent artist looking to write more songs, play more shows, finish more projects, get more done, and most importantly, get the right stuff done.

This Book Includes:
  • Introduction
  • A Premium Book?
  • Productivity, Performance & Profits: A New Paradigm
  • Productivity Foundations
  • My Personal Productivity Method
  • Article Anthology
  • Greatest Hits (with excerpts from Flashes of Elation, The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship, The Music Entrepreneur Code – 2022 Edition, The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide, and The Renegade Musician)
  • Start Your Year the Right Way (the entirety of David's fourth book)
  • Afterword
Learn from David's 23 years of experience teaching, writing, performing, coaching, and music promo to build the music career you know you deserve and the life you love. You've got nothing to lose.
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Amos Bracewell on David Andrew Wiebe:
What People Are Saying
Jonathan Ferguson, Singer / Songwriter / Composer
"While there are many personal development authors who will tell you they have a 'system,' or give you 'steps' or 'rules,' David Andrew Wiebe implores you to think about whether or not those are truly things that you need, in the first place.
Building a creative career means understanding yourself, understanding what you can handle, and understanding what you're willing to do for others. It is about sacrifice, yes, but as Mr. Wiebe (correctly) explains it, success as a creative means being mindful about your sacrifice.
There are no shortcuts to a healthy and professional creative mindset. Read David Andrew Wiebe's book instead, and enjoy taking the long way round."
Rajesh Narine
"Holy Smoke!
What a difference this makes! Everything that you think you know about the hustle gets turned on its head. This is provocative, and have you question ideals and take on a new way of making your own magic. This pathway is simple to duplicate, and getting into this book is the starting point!"
Sandy Tam
"David Andrew's no-nonsense approach and actionable tips transcends traditional productivity advice. As a business owner, the daily hustle overtakes a large part of my life to the point where family and self-care takes a backseat. This was a genuine reminder that less is more and a morning routine focused on self-development can contribute to my overall efficiency. Nicely articulated and an easy read."
Imran Qasimali
"David Andrew Wiebe brought me back into an abundance mindset. It was powerful, because not having a secure source of income is scary, and where I am sitting, it is easy to get into that scarcity mindset."
Shannon Bulmer, In Color Digital
"If you think you know (even almost) everything or nothing about how to make the most of your day, this book will lead you to rethink how you spend your time. Expertly written with some great examples of how you can also personally challenge 'the norm.' This is a must read for the Creative, Creator, and Entrepreneur whose endeavor is to make time for what matters most just by expanding your learning of productivity."
Patrick Zelinski, Active Light Records
"David Andrew Wiebe's knowledge on productivity is deeply rooted and will benefit all types of entrepreneurs in different fields. He has an awareness of different people's learning styles and has many concepts that can help you customize your own plan around your beliefs and values. David's approach to productivity will empower you to enjoy your work more and find purpose while focusing on the right things without self-sabotage or conflict. His perspectives on being overly busy are profound and he offers solutions that will set you on the right path in your schedule and work."
Taylor McPhail
"David's approach to productivity is very informative, detailed and focused. A great read that forces one to challenge themselves to be honest with their current productivity, and gives the reader very clear and concise steps on how to make better use of the time you have. David introduces a very interesting 'outside the box' way of thinking that proves
to be a useful resource, especially if you are self-employed.
Edward James Kerrie
"David Andrew Wiebe has a profound ability to draw upon abstract concepts and then bring them together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is a very refreshing approach and provides value to those with similar types of minds.

David also provides something of value as well to more traditional thinkers in that he is able to assemble data sets that provide valuable nuggets of information that may be overlooked in methodical approaches. These nuggets can then be extracted and expanded upon for those whose minds tend to run deep with ideas.

As an individual who happens to know David personally, I can attest to the fact that he has a perspective that easily blends within the context of a group setting. His input is valuable specifically when it comes to filling in the spaces between differing ideas. If you haven't yet been introduced to David's mind, now may be the time."

Shaun Pulsifer
"In my journey, I have identified the desired actions, tasks, and functions, which was going back to school, and as a result, I am getting the results I want in my chosen area of life. This is how David eloquently describes True Productivity, which resonated with me. David is a talented man who knows his passion and purpose and is becoming a master at what he does. If you want change in your life, this book is a must-read."
Karolina Zajdler
"David Andrew Wiebe is on point. He's efficient in distilling what's there and offering clarity."
Adam Meachem, Music Producer for Film & Television, Professional Guitarist
"David has put together a very valuable piece of work in this guide. If followed it definitely helps you determine what is important to be focusing on and how to get to that point of clarity in the first place.
I will definitely be utilizing some of the concepts and actions found here, and by doing so be more productive on the daily, and also reduce the feeling of 'busyness' which can manifest as stress.
The books and authors David references throughout are also top-notch and can also lead to a deeper understanding of the subject. That being said, the Productivity Blackbook comes with everything you need to push yourself further into that zone of personal fulfillment!"
Marshall Axani
"David Andrew Wiebe immediately recontextualizes what 'being productive' truly means. Refreshingly self-aware and widely applicable, he uses his own relatable experiences to reframe the often touted one-size-fits-all models and instead offers an array of options to reflect and uncover what works best for you. He masterfully deconstructs preconceptions around work, wellbeing, and results-orientated mindsets to instead keep us in the discovery of what actions will really have us achieve our most desired goals while also ensuring to celebrate our achievements along the way."
Suzanna Lopez
"Your first few pages got me present to my inauthentic way of being living in fear that someone is going to leave if I don't do it this way."
Karlo Keet
"Very expressive. It's not a dry read. David's references to the top marketing experts in his book is quite intriguing."
J.K. Wolff
"I appreciate David's stance on the 8-hour work day. I find that I am only truly productive for about 30% of my work day. David's challenge to use your time wisely and focus on what truly matters is eye-opening."
Justin Longo, MariNation Music
"David's book provides a pragmatic approach to uncovering the root causes of Productivity, Performance, and Profits, enabling you to achieve success in any area of your life."
Bippan Dhillon
"You are the productivity master!"
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