Content Marketing Musician
Music Entrepreneur HQ is the only resource dedicated to helping you create the life you love through music. Achieving personal success isn't just about making a big income or becoming uncomfortably famous. It's about living the lifestyle of your choosing. Working only on projects that bring joy to life. Choosing where you live, how you live, and who you invite to be a part of your journey. It's the no compromise, no humiliating twerking your booty in front of a live streamed audience for more subs, unless that really floats your boat, lifestyle.
It doesn't matter whether you're a live performer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer, DJ, beat maker, or otherwise. If you want to create the life you love through music, there's nowhere else to turn but here. This is it. This IS your choice.
David Andrew Wiebe
Award-winning composer, best-selling author, podcaster of over a decade. A rare talent, Founder & CEO of Content Marketing Musician Canada born and Japan raised David Andrew Wiebe has had successes in more verticals of the music business than just about anyone. Whether in the domains of music instruction, performing, songwriting, session playing, producing, coordinating successful marketing campaigns (crowdfunding, content marketing, independent radio, social media), landing sponsorship deals, producing multiple residual income sources, writing for numerous established publications, or appearing on the radio, internet radio, TV, and live DVDs.
Why haven't you heard of him? For a long time, Wiebe has worked behind the scenes as a passionate community builder and philanthropist. Today, he serves the hundreds and thousands of musicians looking to create the life they love through music.
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