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Members Only Audios
  • Access the entire library of Members Only Audios with new audios added weekly
  • Tips and insights from David as well as other music biz experts and DIY artists
  • Get answers to your pressing questions
Price: $15 USD Monthly
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All Access Pass
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  • Instant access to four premium courses and eBook bundles
  • Members only forum, audios, and updates
  • Personalized coaching, tools and resources, physical goods, additional bonuses
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The Renegade Musician
  • Separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the crowd
  • Magnetically attract superfans to your music
  • Create new income streams for your music and enjoy the success you deserve
Price: $39 USD
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First-Time Coaching Special
  • Get a one-hour one-on-one personalized coaching session with David Andrew Wiebe
  • Get a valuable outside perspective on your career progress
  • Available at a fraction of regular cost ($120 USD) for newcomers
Price: $69 USD
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Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass
  • Timeless mindset advice to help you stay motivated
  • Reach the next level of success with your music
  • Four bonus lessons to help you rise above and go beyond
Price: $69 USD
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Digital Marketing Essentials for Musicians
  • A comprehensive digital marketing strategy for musicians
  • Discover the ins and outs of promoting your music like a pro
  • Additional tools and resources to help you reach your goals
Price: $69 USD
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30-Day Music Career Challenge
  • All action, no theory
  • Level up yourself and your music career
  • Overcome challenges to become the greatest version of yourself
Price: $95 USD
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The Music Entrepreneur Code
  • The definitive how-to guide in getting paid for your passion and impacting more fans without wasting years of your life and thousands of dollars
  • A clear shot, step-by-step walk that saves you countless hours and wasted money
Price: FREE (just cover shipping)
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